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Welcome to my Unapologetic Blog about Astrology & Esotericism!

NightFall Astrology

Hi. I'm Theodora NightFall. I’m not your average social media astrologer. I’m straightforward, thorough, and practical. Some people say that astrology is complicated. Guess what? I’m your sweet spot. I offer high-integrity, top-quality, and understandable astrology. Not only that, I also write about philosophy and esotericism, drawing from ancient and rare sources.

Highlighted Articles

From the Stars to the Cross: The Transformation of Firmicus Maternus in Constantine’s Empire
Medieval & Renaissance Solar Returns: Techniques & Philosophy
The Hellenistic Synthesis: How Greek Philosophy Shaped Astrology
The Transition from Astrology to Astronomy: Copernicus, Galileo, & the Church
Astrology in the Court of Elizabeth I: John Dee and the Politics of the Stars
Catherine de Medici and Nostradamus: Astrology at the French Court
The Star of Bethlehem & the Astrological Tapestry of Jesus’ Birth
Why Placidus is overrated & why you should consider switching to whole-sign houses
Your ultimate guide to Eclipses!
Astrology & the Church: A Complicated Relationship Through the Ages
The Celestial Spheres: A Philosophical Exploration of Ancient Astrological Cosmology
Astro Philosophy: Free Will, Determinism, & the Causal vs. Reflective Nature of Astrological Interpretation
Do the Lunar Nodes really represent our Karma & Destiny?
From Antiquity to Modernity: The Enduring Legacy of Hellenistic Astrologers in Contemporary Western Astrological Practices
The Gnostic Tradition & Astrology: A Philosophical Investigation
The Retrograde Conundrum: Interpretations in Traditional vs Modern Western Astrology
From Alchemy to Astrology: The Interconnected Practices of the Medieval & Renaissance Periods
Illuminating Insights: Understanding the Moon Phases in Astrology
The Elemental Foundations of Astrology: An Exploration of Ancient Philosophical Underpinnings
The History of Western Astrology: From Babylon to Your Horoscope
The Use of Mythology in Western Astrology
The Luminous Tapestry: Deciphering the Role of Major Fixed Stars in Traditional Astrology
Unveiling the Cosmos: A Deep Dive into the Thema Mundi – The Natal Chart of the World
Harmony of Humours & Temperaments: One of the Backbones of Traditional Astrology
Sect and Essential Dignity in Traditional Astrology: Uncovering the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Birth Chart
Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac? Which one should we use?
Annual Profections: One of the most efficient forecasting techniques in Traditional Astrology
How Hermeticism Shaped Western Thought: A Historical Exploration of the Esoteric Tradition
Metanoia vs. Transformation: Revealing the Profound Symbolism of Scorpio and Pluto
The money axis in astrology & how to time money-making opportunities using your birth chart

Astrology Basics

Weekly Collective Horoscopes

Unpredictable Twists & Transformative Turns: Mars Conjoins Uranus, Sextiles Neptune, Enters Gemini & Full Moon in Capricorn! Collective Horoscope (July 15th-21st)
Bold Conversations & Deep Transformations: Mercury Sextiles Jupiter, Venus Enters Leo, & Opposes Pluto! Collective Horoscope (July 8th-14th)
Bold Moves, New Beginnings & Inner Reflections: Neptune Retrogrades, New Moon in Cancer, & Mercury Roars into Leo! Collective Horoscope (July 1st-7th)
Reflective Dialogues & Bold Moves: Mercury Trines Saturn, Venus Sextiles Mars, & Saturn Stations Retrograde in Pisces! Collective Horoscope (June 24th-30th)
Emotional Currents & Practical Realities: Mercury & Venus Enter Cancer, Full Moon Illuminates Capricorn! Collective Horoscope (June 17-23rd)
Tensions & Triumphs: Mars Squares Pluto, Mercury Conjoins the Sun, & Venus Squares Neptune! Collective Horoscope (June 10th-16th)
Intellectual Sparks & Practical Shifts: Mercury in Gemini, New Moon, Venus Squares Saturn, & Mars Moves to Taurus! Collective Horoscope (June 3rd-9th)
Pragmatic Insights & Transformative Shifts: Mercury Sextiles Saturn, Conjoins Uranus, & Jupiter Trines Pluto! Collective Horoscope (May 27th-June 2nd)
Curiosity Peaks & Wisdom in Exile: Sun, Venus, and Jupiter Enter Gemini Amidst Full Moon Revelations! Collective Horoscope (May 20th-26th)
Unexpected Turns & Steady Progress: Mercury squares Pluto, Sun Joins Jupiter, & Venus & Uranus Shake Up Taurus! Collective Horoscope (May 13th-19th)
Grounded Beginnings & Celestial Surprises: New Moon in Taurus & Planetary Twists Await! Collective Horoscope (May 6th-13th)
Stability & Shifts: Venus Charms Taurus, Mars Ignites Aries, & Pluto Rewinds in Aquarius! Collective Horoscope (April 29th-May 5th)
Scorpio’s Secrets & Mercury’s Movements: Full Moon Revelations & Direct Conversations! Collective Horoscope (April 22nd-28th)
Seismic Shifts & Celestial Chats: Jupiter Conjoins Uranus, Mercury Retrogrades with Chiron, & Venus Crosses the North Node! Collective Horoscope (April 15th-21st)
A Cosmic U-Turn & Debunking Eclipse Myths! Collective Horoscope (April 8th-14th)
Retrograde Revels & Venusian Ventures: Mercury Reverses on Fools’ Day, While Venus Flames Through Aries! Collective Horoscope (April 1st-7th)
Eclipse Kickoff & Cosmic Surprises: Libra’s Lessons & Venus Winks at Uranus! Collective Horoscope (March 25th-31st)
New Beginnings & Spiritual Quests: Embracing the Astrological New Year with Vigour & Vision! Collective Horoscope (March 18th-24th)
Mental Might Meets Mystic Nights: Mercury Unlocks Pluto’s Secrets, Venus Exalts in Pisces, & The Sun Illuminates Neptune’s Secrets! Collective Horoscope (March 11th-17th)
Intuitive Whispers & Bold Declarations: Mercury’s Piscean Dreams Meet Aries’ Fire, Under the New Moon’s Gaze! Collective Horoscope (March 4th-10th)
Cosmic Crossroads & Unexpected Twists: Mars Squares Jupiter, Venus Dares Uranus, & Pisces Hosts a Celestial Summit! Collective Horoscope (Feb 26th-March 3rd)
Mercury’s Piscean Passage & The Full Moon’s Virgoan Vigil: Between Intuition and Precision! Collective Horoscope (February 19th-25th)
Valentine’s Visions & Transformative Tides: Venus & Mars conjoin Pluto, & Mercury Squares Uranus! Collective Horoscope (February 12th-18th)
Intellectual Awakenings & Lunar Surprises: Mercury Dives into Aquarius & A New Moon Rises! Collective Horoscope (February 5th-11th)
Steadfast Love Meets Celestial Celebration: Venus Embraces Capricorn, Full Moon Illuminates Leo, Uranus Awakens in Taurus! Collective Horoscope (January 22nd-28th)

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