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Welcome to my Unapologetic Blog about Astrology & Esotericism!

NightFall Astrology

NightFall Astrology

Hi. I'm Theodora NightFall. I’m not your average social media astrologer. I’m straightforward, thorough, and practical. Some people say that astrology is complicated. Guess what? I’m your sweet spot. I offer high-integrity, top-quality, and understandable astrology. Not only that, I also write about philosophy and esotericism, drawing from ancient and rare sources.

Highlighted Articles

The Gnostic Tradition & Astrology: A Philosophical Investigation
The Elemental Foundations of Astrology: An Exploration of Ancient Philosophical Underpinnings
The History of Western Astrology: From Babylon to Your Horoscope
The Use of Mythology in Western Astrology
The Luminous Tapestry: Deciphering the Role of Major Fixed Stars in Traditional Astrology
The Retrograde Conundrum: Interpretations in Traditional vs Modern Western Astrology
Unveiling the Cosmos: A Deep Dive into the Thema Mundi – The Natal Chart of the World
Harmony of Humours & Temperaments: One of the Backbones of Traditional Astrology
Sect and Essential Dignity in Traditional Astrology: Uncovering the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Birth Chart
Why Placidus is overrated & why you should consider switching to whole-sign houses
Astro Philosophy: Free Will, Determinism, & the Causal vs. Reflective Nature of Astrological Interpretation
Your ultimate guide to Eclipses!
Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac? Which one should we use?
Do the Lunar Nodes really represent our Karma & Destiny?
Annual Profections: One of the most efficient forecasting techniques in Traditional Astrology
How Hermeticism Shaped Western Thought: A Historical Exploration of the Esoteric Tradition
Metanoia vs. Transformation: Revealing the Profound Symbolism of Scorpio and Pluto
Daily Collective Horoscope for February 21st, 2023
The esoteric meaning of the Lord’s Prayer (Pater Noster)
The money axis in astrology & how to time money-making opportunities using your birth chart
Why you don’t resonate with your Sun sign in astrology & why you should read your horoscope for your rising sign?
Exploring the Mystical Depths: An Astrological and Western Esoteric Perspective on the Ego
“Cusp Signs” don’t exist! Here’s why!
Pluto in Aquarius: 8 world predictions
Major shifts towards more abundance & prosperity for all! Jupiter enters Taurus! New Moon in Taurus! Mars enters Leo! Collective Horoscope (May 15th-21st & beyond!)
One of the most critical astrological weeks of the year! Full Moon in Virgo! Saturn enters Pisces! All Signs Collective Horoscope (March 6th-12th & beyond!)

Astrology Basics

Weekly Collective Horoscopes

From Razor-Sharp Wit to Rooted Wisdom & Tactical Retreats: Mercury Trines Jupiter, Aries Full Moon! Collective Horoscope (September 25th-October 1st)
Prudence & Discernment Amid Celestial Shifts: The Sun Opposes Neptune, Trines Pluto, & Enters Libra marking the Autumn Equinox! Collective Horoscope (September 18th-24th)
Reflection & Refinement Meet Dynamic Shifts: Virgo New Moon, Mercury Direct, & Venus Squares Jupiter! Collective Horoscope (September 11th-17th)
Transcendent Communications & Grounded Introspection: Mercury Trines Jupiter, Jupiter Stations Retrograde, Sun-Mercury Kazimi! Collective Weekly Horoscope (September 4th-10th)
From Financial Fluctuations to Soulful Revelations: Uranus Retrograde, a Rare Blue Moon in Pisces, & Venus Direct! Collective Weekly Horoscope (August 28th-September 3rd)
Balancing Inner Optimism & External Hurdles: Venus squares Jupiter! Mercury turns retrograde! Mars opposes Neptune & enters Libra! Collective Horoscope (August 21st-27th)
Bold Declarations & Insights: Mars Trines Uranus, New Moon in Leo, & Venus Reborn as Morningstar! Collective Horoscope (August 14th-20th)
Rebirth, Revelations & Resonating Rhythms: Sun Squares Jupiter, Venus Retrograde Meets Uranus, & Mercury Trines Jupiter! Collective Weekly Horoscope (August 7th-13th)
Turning Tides: Mars’ Momentum, Jupiter’s Jubilation, Mercury’s Silent Soliloquy under Saturn’s Scrutiny, & Aquarius’ Moonlit Adieu! Collective Horoscope (July 31st-August 6th)
Planetary Whispers & Vanishing Acts: Mars Retreats, Venus Vanishes, Mercury Unites with Venus, & then nests into Virgo! Collective Weekly Horoscope (July 24th-30th)
Midsummer’s major shifts: New Moon in Cancer, Nodal Switch, Venus retrograde! Collective Horoscope (July 17th-23rd & beyond!)
Detail meets Drama: Mars Enters Meticulous Virgo, Mercury Locks Eyes with Pluto & then Struts onto Leo’s Stage! Collective Horoscope (July 10th-16th)
Triumph & Insight Take Centre Stage: Full Moon in Capricorn & Mercury trines Neptune! Collective Horoscope (July 3rd-9th)
Fiery Feuds, Heartfelt Talks, & Inner Voyages: Mars & Venus square Uranus, Mercury enters Cancer, & Neptune goes retrograde! Collective Horoscope (June 26th-July 2nd)
Whispers of Illusion & Cosmic Curtains: Mercury squares Saturn, Saturn retrograde, New Moon in Gemini! Collective Horoscope (June 12th-18th)
Drama, Power, & Chatter: Venus’ ingress into Leo, Pluto’s (re)shift into Capricorn & Mercury’s homecoming into Gemini! Weekly Collective Horoscope (June 5th-11th)
Dynamic Disruptions & Reality Checks! Mars opposes Pluto & squares Jupiter! Sun squares Saturn! All Signs Collective Horoscope (May 22nd-28th)
Major shifts towards more abundance & prosperity for all! Jupiter enters Taurus! New Moon in Taurus! Mars enters Leo! Collective Horoscope (May 15th-21st & beyond!)
Revitalising Connections & Embracing Change: Sun/Uranus Conjunction, Venus Trine Saturn, & Mercury Direct! All Signs Collective Horoscope (May 8th-14th)
Pluto Retrograde, Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, & Venus in Cancer: Transformations in Group Dynamics, Shocking Revelations, & Intimate Connections! Collective Horoscope (May 1st-7th)
Seizing Opportunities with Intellect, Discipline, & Innovation: A Harmonious Week of Sextiles! All Signs Collective Horoscope (April 24th-30th)
Aries Solar Eclipse, Taurus Season, & Mercury Retrograde: Setting the Stage for Radical Change & Practicality! All Signs Collective Horoscope (April 17th-23rd)
Boundaries, Miracles, & Realities: Navigating Love & Risks! Sun conjunct Jupiter! Venus enters Gemini! All Signs Collective Horoscope (April 10th-16th)
A candid shift in relationship values: facing the truth! Full Moon in Libra! Mercury enters Taurus & squares Pluto! All Signs Collective Horoscope (April 3rd-9th)

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