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May 17, 20210

My dear universal truth seekers,

This is the week when our thoughts and will align!


  • On Monday, May 17th, the Sun in Taurus will be in a supremely harmonious trine with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This is a powerful alignment giving us the will to bring into our reality whatever ambitions we have for ourselves, especially in career and business matters. It has strong transformational energy. As Pluto is currently retrograde, the situations at hand may be coming back from the past to be settled once and for all.

This energy is very supportive of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio.

Cancer and Aries should be mindful of pushing their will too hard on others. This may break business or career deals and negotiations for them. The key here is to stay pragmatic and self-controlled. 


  • From May 17th until May 20th, Venus in Gemini will be in conjunction with the North Node and a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. The planet of harmony, beauty, material abundance and relationships may bring about fated encounters and communications. This is an auspicious time for starting long-term investments, reviewing long-standing relationships and partnerships or starting new ones.

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries can benefit greatly from these alignments.

Leo and Scorpio should be careful with underappreciating opportunities brought to them, thinking that their options are unlimited. Any meaningful change requires sacrifice. Evaluate the said opportunities and take action.


  • From May 17th until May 20th, stationary Mercury in Gemini will be squaring (tense aspect) Neptune in Pisces. This energy brings distraction, gullibility, worry, and difficulties in everyday communications. Review several times any message you send or receive, don’t overpromise anything. The Devil is in the details.


  • On May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and will remain there for one month. Our will and consciousness are turning towards our minds and communications. It will immediately square Jupiter in Pisces though (exact on May 21st), giving way to excessively dreamy energy that may cause misevaluations (especially of our luck), miscommunications, and misunderstandings, especially with Mercury being in shadow since last week and getting ready to turn retrograde.

The 21st will be a particularly confusing day because of the T-square formed by the Moon in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Gemini. This is strongly deceitful and dishonest energy. Stay focused.

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra may still get positive results from this aspect, especially when travelling overseas and networking.

Scorpio can pay off debts and get any needed loans. Taurus is in a good position for any important purchases. 

Cancer, Aries and Capricorn should remain careful with getting into unnecessary conflicts.


Jupiter in Pisces remains a positive transit, though, so after these few days of tense aspects, you’ll be able to continue benefiting from its lucky and expansive energy. If you’d like to know how this will affect your sign for the next 2.5 months, subscribe to my newsletter here. 


  • We end the week on May 23rd with one of the biggest events of the year: Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde. Whenever a slow planet such as Saturn goes retrograde, this marks a period of several months (5-6 in general) when its energy is turned inwards and pushes us towards intro/retrospection. It is also an evolutionary period for anyone with their Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Aquarius.

Saturn stationary retrograde brings reality right to the surface. This can be uncomfortable. Where is it that we’ve thought too much about ourselves or too much about others? It’s time for a reevaluation. How to find the balance between individual and collective responsibility? This can bring forth new ideas that can be turned into reality with the right structure and plan. Where is it that we need to revolutionise ourselves? This is also very heavy energy. Especially since the first annual lunar eclipse is coming next week, officially starting eclipse season. The reality check will especially take place in thinking patterns and communications. It invites us to get honest about whether our thoughts and actions are aligned; whether we have authority on these 2. Career and social status situations that have remained unresolved may be brought back from the past.

On a more mundane level, there will be a needed review by governments and authorities of social and economic measures/policies that have been taken since December 2020.


Are you ready to face your inner authority for the next 5 months?

Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall

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