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November 15, 20220
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Dear NightFall Astrology readers,

Are you slowly but surely getting out of the eclipse hangover? Is your sleep routine getting back on track? If you’re unsure of your answer to these questions, I’ve good news! Getting out of the eclipse season’s ambiguity and confusion is speeding up this week!

The second half of November will be much more positive. We’re clearing out of the eclipse season’s shadow. From the 16th onward, multiple planets (starting with Mercury and Venus this week!) are moving into gleeful Sagittarius to show more light-hearted and optimistic energy. Then on the 22nd, we have the Sun entering this sign, followed by a beautiful Sagittarius New Moon on the 23rd, to firmly place us out of eclipse season chaos! So if you’re hanging by a thread, things are clearing up, so read on your favourite astrologer’s (I know, that Leo humility of mine, again) weekly horoscope!


1. Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius:
Let the cat out of the bag! Authenticity is back on trend as Venus and Mercury fire arrows into Sagittarius’ realm. Ardent Venus swings into worldly Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 16th, stirring up attractions across every aisle until December 9th. Mercury follows suit on Thursday, November 17th, making us all more outspoken until December 6th. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s gambler, and you could take a Vegas-sized chance on romance over the next few weeks. Candid confessions come spilling out, blowing covers on lovers everywhere. But hey, life is too short to covertly strategise and obsess. Better to find out sooner than later if your affections are reciprocated—and now is the time. During this happy-go-lucky circuit, it will be easier to brush off rejection and keep on swiping. Cross-cultural connections simmer with extra spice, and there couldn’t be a better time for couples to take a bae-cation—or for singles to have an irrefutably hot vacation fling! Not able to get away? Find your romantic and artistic stimulation anywhere BUT in the usual places.


Sagittarius is the sign of global expansion, cross-cultural connections and broad-minded philosophical thinking. Step out of your echo chamber and consider a palette of perspectives. Yes, these talks can get passionate. Restrain yourself from being reactive if tempers flare. Vent to a neutral third party to sound out feelings instead of unleashing a rough cut of your diatribe. Don’t forget Mercury-in-Sagittarius’ finest offering: the gift of humour. Mark Twain, who was born under this Sun sign, reminded us that the human race “has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”


These two planets of communication, love, and beauty are ALSO meeting in a sparkling conjunction this weekend, on Saturday, November 19th, blending sweet conversations (beware of charming smooth-talkers, though!) and tokens of affection and appreciation. This is excellent energy for healing relationships, starting a new partnership, marketing or selling art, and for trade in goods.


Mercury and Venus’s transit through Sagittarius will be most beneficial for Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra.


2. Mars square Neptune:

Is something bubbling below the surface? Pay attention to intuitive hits on Saturday, November 19th. For the second time since October 12th, investigative Mars in Gemini locks into a dynamic duel with obfuscating Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Want answers? Since Mars is retrograde, you’ll need to peel back some layers to find them. Don’t rush to form theories based on your first “dig.” More evidence may emerge when you think you’ve cracked the case. This is the second in this series of three Mars-Neptune squares. Critical information is bound to be obscured until the trilogy wraps on March 14th, 2023. To use these squares to your advantage, embrace the creative process! Approach perplexing situations with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Be a student of your craft, always willing to learn another technique. Apply tons of self-compassion if you “mess up.” Mistakes can be blessings in disguise (especially if you call them “studies”), so turn them into teachable moments.


This transit will be most challenging for Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo.


3. Sun sextile Pluto:

If the Mars/Neptune square got you worried about not accessing all the info you need to solve a riddle of a situation. In that case, the Universe has you covered with the opportunity to dig deeper through a lovely sextile between the Sun in detective Scorpio and this sign’s co-ruler: esoteric and occult Pluto in Capricorn!

From November 17th until November 21st (exact on November 18th), the Scorpio Sun will make a harmonious sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, increasing our power to influence people and encouraging us to tap into our inner resources, which enhances our ability to understand power dynamics. This is also tremendous energy to raise our ambitions and get our goals supported by authority figures (especially men).

Furthermore, this aspect is favourable for anything related to shared or others’ finances/resources,  research, and information hunting.


This transit will be most supportive of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.


4. Sun trine Jupiter:

Creative blocks begone! Emotional ones, too. On Sunday, November 20th, the confidence-boosting Sun flows into a can-do trine (120-degree angle) with larger-than-life Jupiter. This biannual alignment blesses us with boundless optimism and a sense of limitless possibilities. With both planets floating in water signs—the Sun is in sexy, transformational Scorpio and Jupiter (retrograde) is in divinely inspired, spiritual Pisces—logic may be scarce. Inspiration may arrive as an intuitive hit or a wave of emotion that washes over you. We may feel compelled to pursue an opportunity or dive into a relationship simply because it feels right. With this auspicious energy in the air, the first few days of next week will be an ideal time to take a calculated risk. Just know that the Sun and Jupiter amplify everything they touch, so there’s no half-stepping allowed here. The downside? This planetary pairing can give some people a case of Sparklepony Syndrome. Get real with yourself: Have you truly discovered The Next Big Thing…or are you just chasing after the pretty-pretty, shiny-shiny?


This transit will be most auspicious for Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn.


* Stargazing sidenote: Also on November 20th, in the hour before sunrise, the Crescent Moon is above the fixed Star “Spica” in the SouthEast. The Star is in the wheat stalks held by the Maiden (Virgo). This is a good alignment for work, service, health, and diet.


Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall ~


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