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About Your AstrologerTheodora NightFall


Theodora: “a gift from God” in Greek. Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon & Rising.

Hi, my name is Theodora NightFall, the founder of “NightFall Astrology“.

I’m a professional astrologer of Bulgarian and Lebanese/Phoenician heritage. The Phoenix is the symbol of Phoenicia, current-day Lebanon. This is the perfect representation of why I chose to “rise from the ashes“, and start practising astrology professionally. I’m also a Scorpio moon and rising, and again, this sign in its highest manifestation is akin to the Phoenix’s transformation.
Phoenicia was under Babylonian rule from around 605 BC to 538 BC. From what we’ve gathered so far from historians and archaeologists, Babylon was where Astrology originated.
Not only that, but according to Ancient Hellenistic Astrology, the Middle East (anciently known as the lands of Mesopotamia and Canaan) is governed by the sign of Scorpio.

My Bulgarian side is also very rooted in esoteric knowledge. Bulgaria is known for preserving the more mystical side of spirituality, whether in the form of its Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition or taking it all the way back to the Ancients (Gnosticism, Hermeticism). It has a reputation for its large astrological culture/community.

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I got into Western Astrology 5 years ago using 2 main sources: books by the GIANTS of traditional Western astrology, such as Vettius Valens, Claudius Ptolemy, Abu Ma’shar, Abraham Ibn Ezra, Jean-Baptiste Morin, William Lilly etc., and through professional training at 2 of the best astrology schools: Chris Brennan‘s Hellenistic Astrology School and Rumen Kolev‘s Babylonian Astrology training programme.

I also study Western Esotercisim according to the French school of thought started in the 19th century by Dr Gérard Encausse – Papus, all based on the ancient Hermetic philosophy, at one of the most renowned centres on the subject in Sofia – Bulgaria: Akenere.

In addition to my astrology blog articles, you will also see articles about Esotericism, Hermeticism, and Ancient Philosophy and how they all tie in together.

I have an academic and professional background in Science (Baccalaureate in Physics) and International Law/Relations (Double Master of Laws).

I’m currently based in Strasbourg – France, and I am a French national. I speak fluently 4 languages: English, French, Bulgarian, and Arabic.

Work ethic

Astrology is the bridge between the scientific and the spiritual”. It uses astronomy, mathematics, mythology, psychology, philosophy, geography, and history.

In my astrological practice, I incorporate Stoic philosophy, which can be summarised as the following: “Stoicism teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions; the philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker allows one to understand the universal reason.”

Stemming from this philosophy, I aim to debunk the fatalistic views in astrology. That’s by stressing that we’re ACTORS/AGENTS, not SPECTATORS. Yes, events are predetermined most of the time, but WE ALWAYS HAVE THE CHOICE OF HOW TO REACT to them. And guess what? Astrology is only a time indicator; it shows the ‘nature’ of a certain period. It’s up to you how you will use this information in your own lives and EVOLVE.

And remember, God has the last word over your fate/destiny, not the planets and stars.

In my astrological practice, I combine traditional techniques with modern psychological insight. My objective is to show you the way towards self-development and improvement in your life. Your natal chart is a promise to be carried forth, but you’ll have to work on yourself to fulfil your destiny in its highest manifestation.

Please, bear in mind that an astrologer is neither of the following: a doctor, a psychiatrist, a financial adviser, or a psychologist. If you’re facing serious hardships and difficulties in your life, you should seek help from a specialist in these areas. An astrologer provides “additional” guidance. That’s all.

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