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July 13, 20220
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Dear NightFall Astrology readers,

Can you believe that half of 2022 is already gone? With three slow-moving planets in retrograde since the end of May, the last couple of months have been a profound reevaluation period that will last until early Autumn with the upcoming Jupiter and Uranus retrogrades.

This week’s Super Full Moon in Capricorn will be marking a milestone in whatever we’ve been building in the material world since January 2nd, 2022, but will also re-activate on a mundane level the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the same sign of January 12th, 2020 (the day when COVID-19 was publically announced worldwide). So, this will be a week of intense realisations and reassessments regarding our long-term vision and ambition, both personally and collectively. Remember to be gentle with yourself and know that whatever goals you’ve been trying to achieve, you must persevere just like the mountain goat that keeps trying until it gets to the top.

Here’s your weekly horoscope.


1. The most intense Full Moon of the year: Super Full Moon in Capricorn:

On Wednesday, July 13th, we’ll be witnessing the most intense Full Moon of the year that will take place at 22° of Capricorn at exactly 8:37 PM (CET)! Full Moons are always about endings, realisations, illumination, culmination, and closure. In Capricorn, the conclusions and realisations will cover the following topics: career, governments, the economy, long-term goals and projects, legal systems, hierarchy, public status, reputation, and legacy. But above all, Capricorn is about joining the material and spiritual worlds in service of God/Universe.

This Full Moon will be conjunct Pluto at the same degree as the infamous Saturn/Pluto conjunction that happened on January 12th, 2020, revealing the COVID-19 virus publicly and triggering a health and economic crisis worldwide. This can mean a kind of conclusion or revelation of important information (Mercury is with the Sun) and unpalatable or hidden aspects of the whole thing. There can be direct and visible consequences on the people (Moon) from the previous government actions. And indeed, over the past few days, we’ve been seeing more and more info coming out about the actual efficiency and side effects of the vaccines, alongside the mishandling by governments of the crisis. Here in France, the State has been condemned for not supplying enough masks in the wake of the pandemic, and Parliament has repealed the health pass legislation. In the UK, we’ve witnessed the resignation of Prime Minister Johnson after a series of scandals related to the pandemic.

On a personal level, think back to the challenges you’ve been facing in late 2019 and early 2020. This Full Moon brings the cherry on the top regarding these critical situations.

Full Moons are always formed by an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. They’re all about finding a point of equilibrium. The Sun is in the last decan of Cancer ruled by the Moon, making this Full Moon extra moody, and is represented by the “4 of Cups” card in Tarot, meaning that we will be encountering questions surrounding what is enough and is left to be desired. On the other hand, the Moon will be in its sign of detriment (one of its weakest positions) in Capricorn, again in the last decan of this sign, ruled by the Sun (Saturn traditionally rules Capricorn, but with the co-rulership of the Sun in this decan, this adds Saturn’s seriousness, and a solar pride giving it a lot of material power), and represented by the “4 of Pentacles” card in Tarot also known as the “Lord of Earthly/Material Power”. We usually have options with this because we are the person in control, but with all the abundance it can bring, it also brings a great deal of responsibility, so boss up! We’ll be wanting a lasting legacy.

With Pluto joining the Full Moon, it intensifies all of the above: Pluto is psychological and extreme; it’s death/rebirth and transformation. We’ll be having a psychological reality check: we’re done with the dreamy innocence, are releasing outdated coping mechanisms, and are ready to get to the top of the mountain (mid-year resolutions!). The general mood is more building and giving rather than consuming. During Full Moons, emotions are always running high, but with Pluto added to the equation, they can get extreme, so make sure to relax and ground yourselves!

The Full Moon will be in a sextile to Neptune: this is the opportunity to enact a higher vision for our careers, legacy and long-term projects. It will also square Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries: there could be the triggering of an early life wound that bears the opportunity to reveal and overcome it.

The dispositor of this Full Moon is Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, and it will be trining (harmonious aspect) Venus in Gemini: delayed gratification will be valued; we’re working for the long haul here (in personal and business relationships). This is a slow and steady path to realising the dream and building something that helps people. Venus will also be squaring Neptune retrograde in Pisces, which can add temporary confusion to our new plan. So keep the faith in your strategy and wait for your vision to become clear again once this aspect stops being active after the Full Moon (it usually lasts for only a couple of days). The answers you need are coming.

The fate-fueling Taurus North Node and Uranus sit at a supportive angle (a trine) to the Full Moon, pushing you to think big-BIG picture. Whether or not you’ve found your life path, this is an important day to hit pause and assess your progress. What’s working, and what’s left you feeling like Sisyphus rolling a boulder up a hill? While perseverance is Capricorn’s strong suit, so is productivity. Maybe there’s a better route to the finish line—or a better team to support your vision that will come to you as an AHA moment (Uranus). Also, what goals were in your crosshairs at the dawning of 2022, especially near the January 2nd new Super Moon? If you strayed off course, this Full Moon motivates you to pick up the ball and run with it again. Did you bring this mission to fruition? Celebrate the victory of reaching your milestone!


This Full Moon will be felt most intensely by Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra. Especially those of you who have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC or any other important planet or point in your chart around 22° of these signs (give or take 2-3 degrees).


2. Sun conjunct Mercury (Cazimi):

From July 15th until July 17th (exact on July 16th), Mercury will form its superior conjunction with the Sun in Cancer called “Cazimi”. During this period, mental alertness and quick thinking are heightened. It’s also very favourable for gaining clarity regarding your purpose and direction, business deals, negotiations, media, writing, speaking, and short-distance travel. An opportunity to make a good impression or communicate with superiors could come your way.


This aspect will be most supportive of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo.


3. Venus enters Cancer:

Naughty by…nurture? When affectionate Venus snuggles into sentimental Cancer this Sunday, July 17th, summer love takes a turn for the sweeter. Attached? Between now and August 11th, feel free to slip into the couple bubble with your significant other. Or make sure you have ample private time to simply enjoy each other’s quiet company. Shower your love with caring gestures that prove you’ve been paying attention to their preferences—from streaming their favourite movies to preparing morning coffee exactly how they like it. Talks could turn to cohabitation or inspire you to put a spare key on your partner’s ring. But don’t get TOO close for comfort! Time in your respective “shells” can make hearts grow fonder. Single? Give the nice ones a chance to woo you. If friends (or your mom!) want to fix you up, let them! Just be aware of how your fluctuating moods may impact another person. And definitely watch for neediness during this period, which can make you act too clingy, too quickly.


Venus’ transit through Cancer will be most auspicious for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo.


4. Sun and Mercury trine Neptune:

From July 16th until July 19th (exact on July 17th), the Sun and Mercury in Cancer will trine (harmonious aspect) Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This is excellent energy for creative hobbies and interests, photography, painting, advertising, poetry, arts, literature, inspirational writing or speaking, touching and healing the hearts of others through words, and influencing others through subtle, emotional or psychological approaches. This aspect also increases empathy and creates a stronger faith and optimism.


This trine will be most supportive of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn. 


“I will not fall, won’t let it go
We will be free when it ends”.
What Have You Done by Within Temptation

Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall ~


Bear in mind that this is a general horoscope and is in no way your personal horoscope. If you’d like to know what your birth chart says about your personality and your life’s purpose or discover what the upcoming astrological alignments mean specifically for you, you can book a consultation with me.
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