Mini readings

Your most pressing Astrology questions answered!

Mini readings

Your most pressing Astrology questions answered!

Wait, what’s a Mini Reading?

A personalised message from Theodora NightFall covering educational and personal astrology questions.

Ask away & your individual astrology questions will be answered in lovely text messages!

How does it work?

  1. Select your product (Add to Basket).
  2. Ask your question (After clicking on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT).
  3. Get a response within 5 days by text message: up to 1,000 words via Facebook Messenger (you’ll have to write to me directly on my FB page after your purchase, so I can answer you if you choose this option) OR E-mail.
  4. If you’re a French speaker, fill in the order form in FRENCH, & I’ll answer your question in this language!
    Si vous êtes francophones, remplissez le formulaire de commande en Français et je répondrai à votre question en cette langue!


  • This is not an entire chart reading/consultation.
  • I also can’t answer questions involving multiple charts for relationship concerns (due to consent/confidentiality).
  • The more specific your question, the more precise I can be!

Please mention your exact birth date, time, and location if the question is regarding natal astrology.

Again, this is NOT an entire consultation or chart “reading”! This is for single questions only.

Please do not send in pictures of your chart or your Costar table! Only send in exact birth data.

What types of Mini Readings does Theodora NightFall offer?

Mini ReadingsPersonal Text(s)


Have a question about life, love, passion, career, finances, or any other specific part of your birth chart? Submit a single question and receive an insightful answer based on your cosmic blueprint!

(650 – 1,000 words)

Mini ReadingsNew Moon in Sagittarius Forecast Text(s)


Explaining where the Sagittarius New Moon is showing up in your own chart!

(450 – 650 words)

Mini ReadingsEducational Text(s)


Have a question about astrology (in theory & practice) & its endless rabbit holes? Submit a single question and receive an insightful & concise answer!
Example: “Do the angles (Ascendant, for example) count towards a T-Square or any other special pattern? If no, then why not?”.

(300-450 words)

Here’s an example!

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Get your most pressing Astrology questions answered!
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