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"Astrology is the bridge between the scientific and the spiritual".

It uses astronomy, mathematics, psychology, geography, and history.

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“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

J.P Morgan

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My Dear Universal TruthSeekers!This is the week when the 2nd most important alignment of 2020 - the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius - will be activated by a Full Moon in the same sign! Brace yourselves, things are getting intense, but this energy also brings a strong impulse for liberation and freedom!

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Customers Say

“Booking a session with Theodora was straightforward. She is very easy to communicate with. Quickly we put the plan together. Our session was scheduled for 90 minutes and every minute of it was full of important information. She understood my level of knowledge about astrology and explained everything in a way that it will be clear for me. She mentioned a few past events which were on point without any questions or updates from me. She prefers to go through the session in her flow, just stick with it and she gives you time for questions at the end. Overall it was a great experience to work with her. Beautiful energy and very beneficial information to help me navigate the upcoming year. Strongly recommended!”


Dear Theodora,

I am extremely satisfied with the astrological consultation I had with you. I loved your professional and very comprehensive analyses on the following, 1. my natal chart, 2. the strongest astrological aspects affecting me and 3. the current transits through my astrological houses. I loved the breakdown of my core sun sign identity, but also the important interrelation with my rising and moon signs. Your analysis corresponded well with key life events that had already happened, as well as with the major themes in my life that I am currently dealing with. The session has certainly made me aware of the planetary angles I need to be aware of in order to bring more equilibrium into my life. It was also eye opening to hear about other aspects in my chart that I had less knowledge of, such as the destinies intrinsic to my nodal points and the rare Yod aspect in my chart. I have a much better understanding now about the tense aspects in my life, because they corresponded with the tense aspects in my chart.

I look forward to our next session.

Kind regards,


I was never a believer in astrology. I considered it to be a pseudo-science like psychology. I am an empiricist and I work in a job that requires numbers, figures, and scientific facts. A friend told me about Theodora and the sparked my curiosity from a scientific point of view. It was more of an experiment to me.

I contacted Theodora and booked my appointment. I had to give her my date of birth, time of birth and location. That was it. I will have to say I didn’t mention anything else about what I did for a living or my family.

Everything was exceptionally smooth and professional. The video call was done via Skype. I have an idea about astrology and thought I knew what to expect. When the time came up, I was incredibly surprised to see charts and graphs. I listened to what she had to say. You cannot interrupt her during the reading. You can ask her questions after that.

She shared a screen with me and explained my astrological formations on my natal chart. She was using astronomy and astrology. I never knew they went together that way. So many aspects of my life made better sense to me. So many calculations were done based on astronomy. I did understand some things about myself better. I understood why I chose my career because it was my path. Everyone serves a purpose. I will recommend my colleagues and friends to her.

Ophelia D.

J’ai réservé par curiosité une analyse de mon thème natal. Théodora, je peux t’affirmer que j’ai été impressionnée et troublée par la justesse et la qualité de ta prestation. Félicitations pour ton professionnalisme.


J’ai ete ravie de mon analyse de thème astral qui a à la fois confirmé de nombreux traits de ma personnalité et donné des pistes d’évolution positive !


I have requested the 3 months option and received some more information as well. I have never been blown away in my life, some details that have been mentioned about events in the past were insanely accurate!! It’s worth mentioning that it’s my first time as well going into astrology in specific and it was such a beneficial session for me to expect what’s coming and understand as well what has been happening. Sessions with Theodora are never boxed in what you pay for, she’ll always have a small giveaway somewhere for you that will answer this one specific question you have been asking in your mind for some time. Mind blowing! It’s worth every penny!!



Je suis venu te voir à un moment de ma vie où je me sentais perdu et plus capable de prendre la moindre décision. J’avais accumulé des inquiétudes et des doutes au sujet de ma place avec les autres, mais aussi dans ma carrière.

Ton analyse de ma Carte Natale m’a aidé à me rappeler qui je suis, mais surtout à m’ouvrir à des aspects de ma personnalité que j’avais négligés. D’un trait, tu as réalisé devant moi le plan de ma vie, où dans d’autres termes mon “mode d’emploi”.

Une semaine après notre consultation, j’ai rencontré une situation très anxiogène dans mon travail. D’habitude, je me serais écrasé, mais je me suis souvenu de “mon autorité naturelle” dont tu m’avais parlé. Je me suis rappelé ces moments lointains où j’ai pu l’être et que tu as fait revivre en moi. Tes mots ont eu un impact sur moi. Bien plus fort que cette peur que je ressentais à cet instant. Ainsi, grâce à ce plan, j’ai pu gérer cette situation d’une manière dont je me croyais incapable.

Notre consultation a provoqué un changement en moi. Je suis impatient de voir ce que me réserve la suite. Je te retrouverai bientôt pour mon horoscope.

Merci Théodora,



Get my latest horoscopes, exclusive articles, updates, and special offers delivered directly to your inbox.




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