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June 21, 20210

My Dear Universal Truth Seekers!

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Birthday to all of my Cancers out there!


  • We start the week on Monday the 21st of June, with the Sun entering the nurturing and family-oriented water sign of Cancer and marking the summer solstice for us.

Thus, our consciousness will be focused for the next 30 days on our families, our roots, our patriotism, our homes, our emotional stability, our comfort, and/or any real estate deals we may be trying to negotiate or close (thank God Mercury is turning direct right? But, I’m getting ahead of myself here).

Cancer is more passive energy, so no wonder you’ll most probably start thinking or feeling the need to go on a vacation or some retreat such as a spa or a yoga resort!

This marks the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. There’s an extreme of light and illumination bringing clarity, but there’s also ambivalence as well.


On the same day, Mercury stations before in turns direct in 16° of Gemini on June 22nd/23rd depending on where you are in the world. Nonetheless, stay patient for a few more days as it won’t start moving again until June 25th. So if you can postpone any important communications (conversations, phone calls, emails), signing contracts, starting new projects, making expensive high-tech purchases, please do so!
After June 25th, you can start moving things again.


Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo will see projects that have either been slowed down or halted during Mercury retrograde start going forward again.


  • On June 21st/22nd, Venus in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces. This is excellent harmonious energy for any artistic endeavour; it also brings an abundance of love, so fated encounters are definitely in the cards here.


Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will enjoy this energy the most.


The Sun entering Cancer will give us a first glimpse of how good Jupiter in Pisces can be…

  • On Wednesday, June 23rd, the Sun in Cancer will trine Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. This is an extremely harmonious & fortunate aspect bringing blessings to all of us. This is the touch of an angel, for Jupiter in Pisces can feel like being protected by angels. This is one of the luckiest days of the year, if not the luckiest! Jupiter is very strong in Pisces.
    There can be a great sense of luck, expansion and possibility. We can also go over the top with this energy. A trine aspect can be sometimes lazy, so don’t let the opportunities pass you by. Take action with Mars in the fiery sign of Leo!

The Sun is our will, courage and strength, and Jupiter expands it! Let yourselves be guided by faith and go forth! A word of caution, though: this is a great alignment for business endeavours; don’t start anything new until after June 25th.


Again, this energy supports the most Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.


  • From June 22nd until June 24th, Venus in Cancer will be opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This is a difficult and tense alignment. It can bring about explosive emotional reactions in relationships, arguments and extreme jealousy. Do your best to stay calm and composed during these couple of days. Get more into the Cancerian energy of relaxing and cocooning.

Side note: I just got myself a very nice essential oils diffuser, and it’s been helping my mindfulness practice a lot. I suggest you get yourself one of these. Aromatherapy can truly do wonders.


This alignment will be most tense for Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra.


  • On June 24th, we have a major full moon in 3°28′ of Capricorn. Full moons are always about completions, endings, illumination and realisation, letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. This is a time to stand still and rest in this energy and observe one’s emotions and achievements (Capricorn is all about social status and career). Think back to what you’ve started during the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th, 2021. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

Numerologically, 3 degrees is linked to the planet Jupiter, so it’s all about expansion and taking it to the next level, all the more with the blessed trine between the Sun and Jupiter this week. Doors are opening for you. Are you willing to take the necessary action and benefit from these opportunities/blessings?

The dispositor (ruling planet) of this full moon is Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. It’ll be until July 4th, in a significantly tense aspect (T-square) with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Taurus. The T-square is directed towards Uranus, so this is very accident-prone and unpredictable energy. It gives rise to conflicts in our personal lives but also on a mundane/world level.

During this period of time, it’s best to be careful with any travel (both car and plane). Be measured with your words and emotions, and stay away from people who can’t control theirs. This way, unnecessary clashes can be avoided. After all, that’s astrology’s purpose: to warn and prevent when possible. For, after all, God is above the planets and the stars; some things are meant to happen.


Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus should be particularly mindful of this energy. 


  • On June 25th, Neptune stations retrograde in 23° of Pisces (its home sign). Whenever a planet stands still in the sky and changes directions, it is at the height of its power. It is closer to the earth from our observation than it may otherwise be, and when we have Neptune, an energy that is about the dream and the hope and the fantasy standing still, there can be a magnification of these very properties.

There can also be a sense of awareness now, as when Neptune goes retrograde, our rose-coloured glasses are taken off, and we see things as they are. Many people may feel as if they’ve been shaken awake or the lights have come on in a way that feels a little bit uncomfortable, and what we come to realise what comes up as clarity can leave us feeling uncertain or with mixed emotions or even disappointment.

When Neptune is aspecting one of your personal planets or important angles in your birth chart, you can feel actually physically and psychologically tired, so it’s important to rest and sleep more.

Neptune will turn Direct again on December 1st, so we have 5 months of a reality check, but on a more emotional and spiritual level.

On a more mundane level, lies and deception will come to the surface.


This transit will be very significant for Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, allowing them to see things clearly and settle ambivalent situations from the past.

Sagittarius and Virgo will find themselves in more challenging and shocking reality checks; they’ll have to put more effort in to clear things up.


Bear in mind that this is a general horoscope and is in no way your personal horoscope. If you’d like to know what your birth chart says about your personality and your life’s purpose or discover what the upcoming astrological alignments mean specifically for you, you can book a consultation with me through this link.
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Wishing you a wonderful 1st week of Summer!

Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall

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