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January 25, 20210
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The 1st Full Moon of the year will have double completion energy to it. Full Moons are always about endings and culmination points, but as this one is happening in 9°06′ of Leo (at 8:16 PM CET), numerologically, it’s linked to the energy of Mars and the 9 of wands card in Tarot. The wands suit in Tarot are all about action and passion, they represent fire energy which fits perfectly this full moon. As you can see on the image below, there’s an individual who’s tired, a wounded warrior who’s gone through many battles and hurdles, and is trying to gather his last drops of strength (Leo) and courage/bravery (Aries/Mars) for the final fight before the victory.





Leo is a fixed fire sign, meaning that its archetype is all about long-term and lasting action and passion. It is ruled by the Sun and governs our love/heart, our romance, our will, our creative self-expression, our honour, our courage, our strength, our pride;  but also on the negative side, our arrogance, egotism, and insecurities.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this won’t be an easy full moon. Usually, the energy will be felt up to 2 days before and 2 days after. This moon in Leo will be part of a very intense aspect, called a T-square that will be pointing to Mars (the planet of aggression, drive, anger). So, our emotions will be running very high to their extremes. A full moon is formed when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, a 180° angle.

In this case, the dispositor of the moon, the Sun in Aquarius (in detriment, meaning it’s weak), is in a stronger conflict with Luna than usual. There’s an exact opposition between what our heart truly wants and what trends the masses (Aquarius) are following. But, it’s no coincidence that Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo, it represents our authenticity, and it is our authenticity that unlocks our courage. Following the herd is the lower vibration of Aquarius; it’s the rebel without a cause.

The Sun will be also in exact conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of faith, optimism, integrity. What many astrologers have called “the luckiest day of the year” will only turn out to be so in your life if you take the inspired action to make it so. Again, a T-square is a tense aspect, the circumstances and general energy will be challenging, hence the need for you to take your own lives in your own hands.

Both rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus are also squaring each other. So, again, the energy isn’t harmonious, and it’s Saturn (restrictions, discipline, playing by the rules) that is stronger here as Uranus is in its fall position in Taurus. This aspect is calling you to find your true value and act upon it with the right discipline. Any impulsive angry action won’t be successful.

When we’re talking about our values and our self-worth, we must look at Venus. Throughout the entire week, and exactly on this day, it will be conjoining Pluto, the planet of obsession, power and power struggles, the underworld, manipulation and transformation, in Capricorn. Money and relationship issues will be at the forefront of it all. Are you willing to let go of any projects and relationships that aren’t in alignment with your true self?

There’s tremendous healing power in this full moon, though. The Sun in Aquarius will be sextiling (harmonious aspect) Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, and the Moon will be trining it bringing more harmony. All of us have the opportunity to rise above the current worldwide restrictions through healing our identity and reconnecting with our authenticity. We should all be building our own castles in our own private worlds, instead of counting on those stimulus packages for example. Aquarius is the genius mind, each one of us has this energy somewhere in our chart. Let’s connect to it.


Leaving you with the words of my dear astrology teacher:

“The honour of love must be reminded in a collective that’s trying to create groups and weird values, that are being forced down the throats of people. Sovereignty in our creative self-expression. Don’t follow the herd and trends! Find your true value!” The Leo King


Have a great week everyone!


Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall



Full Moon in Leo
Full Moon in Leo


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