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February 23, 20210

Your astrologer is finally coming with some good news for this final week of February 2021!

Before getting into the analysis of the main astrological event: the Full Moon in Virgo that will be happening on the 27th, I’d like to cover 3 other positive aspects of the week.

  • Mercury is finally moving in a Direct motion (since February 20th-21st, it depends on your time zone, 21st for my European readers). Communications, mental processes, negotiations, and business are starting slowly but surely to get clearer. Bear in mind though, that Mercury is still in its shadow zone (11°-  26° degrees of Aquarius), and there still might be some things to review and go over in the above-mentioned sectors. Mercury will officially move out of shadow on March 13th. Until then, be careful about buying new electronic devices, online shopping, signing new contracts, starting new projects, especially in communications. That’s not to say that you should absolutely wait until the shadow period is over, but be mindful of some possible hiccups, and thus take your time before making a decision and acting upon it.


  • On February 25th, at 2:11 PM (CET), Venus will enter Pisces and stay there until March 21st (the spring equinox). Venus loves being in Pisces; she’s exalted there. So, all of her best qualities will be enhanced: romanticism, relationships, harmony, diplomacy, beauty, abundance, self-worth… This is in preparation for her being reborn on March 26th, when she will make a superior conjunction to the Sun and rise as a morning star, marking new beginnings in everything that she rules. Until then, she will be close to the Sun and hidden by it (what we call in astrology ‘combust’). In a more astronomical sense, the ‘crust’ of the planet is being burnt by the Sun. Astrologically, this means that the planet’s material manifestations might be lessened and redirected towards more spiritual ones. Even more so, since Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac, it is our collective unconscious; it is where all the other 11 signs merge and dissolve. This is a great time for spiritual healing, artistic expression, inspiration, reconnection with our deeper emotions, and compassion and empathy.


  • On February 26th, Jupiter (the planet of good luck, expansion, higher knowledge) will be trining (harmonious aspect) the North Node in Gemini. This is great energy for putting innovative ideas into action. This aspect shows us collectively where we’re headed towards until the end of 2021, the good part of it. The North Node is our destination and focus for the rest of the year. Since it’s in Gemini, it deals with facts, writing, analysis, trade, day-to-day communication, our immediate environment, short-distance travel. With Jupiter infusing it with positive energy, this could be a good week, especially a day, for all these areas and even the stock market. This is reinforced with Mercury, the dispositor of the North Node and Gemini’s ruling planet, starting to conjoin Jupiter  (and trine the North Node) for the 3rd time (think back to what was happening in your life around January 11th and February 14th, that’s when this conjunction happened for the first 2 times this year). This conjunction will become exact on March 7th.


The full moon that will be happening in 8°57′ of Virgo at 9:17 AM (CET) on February 27th will also have a very Mercurial vibe since Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. 

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac ruling health, routine, service to others, perfectionism, details, and analytical mind. The full moon will mark a culmination point, an ending, or an illumination of Virgo matters. On that day, as a collective, we will tend to filter our emotions through our mind, try to make sense of them, analyse them. This can have either a positive effect in the sense that we will be more rational than impulsive about them (and they will be heightened by the full moon) or a negative effect in that we might over analyse them and get overwhelmed by them.

Confusion will be definitely there as the moon will be receiving from Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron a very karmic aspect called a ‘YOD’. A Yod or “the finger of God” is a very rare angle in astrology, giving way to a feeling of being out of control, as if we were puppets on strings getting pulled by God. There’s a very ‘fated’ flair to this aspect strengthened even more by the numerological meaning of the degree in which the full moon is happening: 8 degrees linked to Saturn, the lord of time and karma. So, pay close attention to what happens in your life on that day, for it might appear as totally random and out of the blue, when in fact it isn’t.

“Coincidence is God’s other name when He wants to remain anonymous”.

Look back on events in your life since the last New Moon in Virgo that happened on September 17th, 2020. Whatever transpires on this full moon will be resulting from these efforts/events. Since it’s in Virgo, there’s a harvest component to it (think of the maiden in the field collecting wheat). The Mercury/Jupiter waxing conjunction in Aquarius could give rise to an outburst of original and innovative ideas and information. Still, at the same time, that may cause confusion because of the inconjunctions coming from Chiron, Mercury and Saturn. Some confusing/out of the blue news about the pandemic may come out as well. Meanwhile, the sextile (harmonious aspect) between Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries gives us the opportunity for healing (our identity) through organising our thoughts, ideas and inventions (Aquarius). There will also be a dissipating T-square to Mars in Taurus, coming from the Moon, the Sun and Venus, causing some impulsivity. The best way to use this tense energy is through practical action (Mars will give us the necessary drive), especially in material matters (Taurus).

Our drive and ambition for self-transformation will be pushed forward as well by the Mars/Pluto trine (harmonious aspect) that will be going exact on Wednesday, February 24th. This aspect could also energise the uncovering of hidden truths (Pluto) especially about people in power, governments, large corporations, institutions (Capricorn)…


The final piece of good news (or rather a temporary sigh of relief) is the fact that Saturn in Aquarius is coming off of its EXACT square (tense aspect) to Uranus in Taurus (it became exact last week on February 17th, you can check my previous article about it here ). This tension between the old and the new, discipline/rules/restrictions and rebellion, will be lessened but will remain operational throughout the year; it will become exact again in June and December.


This is definitely a much needed week with less stress than we’ve been accustomed to since January 2020. Let’s make good use of it.


Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall

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