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October 18, 20210
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Dear NightFall Astrology readers,

We’ve made it! After 6 months of introspection and retrospection with the social planets moving backwards alongside 2 Mercury retrogrades, we’re finally going to be able to start pushing our projects forward again, with Mercury and Jupiter turning direct at the beginning of this week, joining Saturn and Pluto in their direct motion as well. We end up with 3 slower planets moving directly out of 5 (not bad, huh?) and the infamous Mercury (the messenger of the Gods) stopping to mess with our communications and minds!

Here’s your weekly horoscope.


  • On Monday, October 18th, both Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius station direct. All of us will feel and witness different areas of our lives starting to move again, blockages in decision-making in critical stagnant projects being lifted, and our will and optimism to get fast results becoming very intense.

Get your thinking cap and your game face on! With Jupiter in Aquarius until December 28th, focus on putting together the right team and ensuring you have the right technology in place for all your ventures. Jupiter in bohemian Aquarius can also bring a fun-loving reminder that the best things in life are free. Like love, for one, which could be a considerable focus again with Mercury back on track in Libra until November 5th-6th.


  • Our drive to get our long-term visions and projects going again will be even more strengthened by Mars in Libra making a gorgeous trine to Jupiter DIRECT in Aquarius on October 18th-19th. This alignment brings positive energy for forming new unconventional business alliances and partnerships or even feeling Cupid’s call’s vibe and making some bold romantic risk-taking! With Mercury being DIRECT and VISIBLE (as a Morningstar) to the naked eye on the 19th, we’ll have the right words in all of our interactions!


This transit will be most supportive of Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.


  • On October 20th, we’ll be having an aggressive Full Moon in 27°26′ of Aries at 4:57 PM (CET), so hold your horses and don’t fly off the handle! A Full Moon is always formed when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition (180° angle) from each other; it marks a culmination, illumination, ending and/or completion of a situation. Aries a cardinal fire sign, so all of us will be emotionally compelled to express our identity through action in some area of our lives (it depends on each individual’s chart). This could translate into unapologetically sharing with others a particular achievement or success (that we’ve been working on for the past 6 months since the Aries New Moon on April 12th), shamelessly promoting ourselves or our business everywhere on social media or at a grandiose and flamboyant event!

However, this Full Moon will hold an energy bomb of anger and hot temper, as it will be making alongside Mars in Libra a T-square (very challenging aspect) to Pluto in Capricorn. Since Mars is the dispositing/ruling planet of this Full Moon, and it’s currently transiting Libra where it doesn’t do very well (its detriment position), the T-square can trigger heated arguments, excessive blaming, accidents, and uncontrollable and compulsive behaviours with Pluto – the higher octave of Mars – being involved. The Full Moon can also cause insomnia and cardiovascular issues. Mercury in Libra will be making its second opposition to Chiron in Aries, so beware again of being overly sensitive to words from your significant other or during any one-on-one interaction you may be having that day.

Hit the gym, vent to a levelheaded third party, scream into a karaoke mic…just don’t escalate the drama! Practice deep-breathing and mindfulness techniques, and pause before reacting.


On a more mundane level, violent protests for justice against governments can irrupt, or any kind of resistance against government control, governments will fight back through law enforcement accordingly.

Talking about this Moon/Mars relationship and adding more fuel to the fire, the Full Moon will be in an exact conjunction with the Fixed Star Vertex (not to be confused with the fictional point you may have heard about in astrology) of the constellation Andromeda. This Fixed Star is of the nature of Mars and the Moon (adventurous, treacherous, insolent, wanton, brutal, danger to eyes). It can show up as the people suffering most from those very Mars-Moon problems such as neurosis, psychosis or obsession deep within them from the past, personal or collective. In conjunction with the Moon, travelling or lending money are to be avoided.


Fear not, though! As I’ve always told you, in astrology, nothing is all negative or all positive. This Full Moon will be accompanied by a Grand Air Trine among Mercury in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini. Keeping a stable, patient, and rational mind is the key to navigate any explosive emotional reactions we may go through.

Mars will be squaring Pluto throughout the entire week (it becomes exact on October 22nd), so some delays due to hidden causes can still occur, which may cause excessive frustration. Level-headedness and patience are still the best options for all of us this week!


Numerologically, this Full Moon is indeed marked by a final push towards significant achievements and public recognition, as 27 degrees reduce to a 9, which relates to Mars. What a Martial week, right? 9 stands for completion, just like the wounded warrior in the 9 of wands Tarot card who has to get one last wand or fight one final battle before he declares victory! Be bold and brave, within reason, of course, my friends!


This Full Moon will be most challenging for Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Especially those of you who have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC or any other important planet or point in your chart around 27° of these signs (give or take 2-3 degrees). 


  • We end the week with the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23rd and making its annual deep dive into the underworld. Get your Halloween costumes ready, and a very happy birthday to all of my Scorpios out there!

The upcoming 3 weeks will bring into our consciousness psychological and personal transformation, joint finances, investments, the occult, eroticism, and the will and interest to get to the bottom of things! Intensity is the order of the day!
Get ready for some challenging power dynamics as you go! Every aspect of life could feel charged with intensity between now and November 21st, making it essential to regulate how much you’re revealing to people who have yet to earn your trust. Want to alchemise a leaden aspect of your life into pure, shimmering gold? Real change takes work—it never just happens overnight. Break out of restrictive habits and replace them with life-affirming rituals.


This transit will be most supportive of Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo.


Don’t be afraid to put your fantastic self out there this week!

Your Astrologer – Theodora NightFall


Bear in mind that this is a general horoscope and is in no way your personal horoscope. If you’d like to know what your birth chart says about your personality and your life’s purpose or discover what the upcoming astrological alignments mean specifically for you, you can book a consultation with me.

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