astrologyThe Grand conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn at 0° 29’ of Aquarius on the 21st of December (winter solstice) 2020

January 11, 20210

You’ve been probably hearing about this major astrological event throughout all 2020.
Why is it so important?

Well, 1st of all because these 2 planets meet in such an angle 0° (what we call a conjunction aspect), every 20 years. The last one happened in Taurus on May 28th, 2000. So, we’re starting a new 20-year cycle, but not just any cycle, this one happens in a fixed air sign (Aquarius). It has to be noted that for the last 218 years, we’ve been having these 2 planets conjoin in Earth signs. The earth element rules the material world (economy, financial markets, health, property, money in general).

So, if we look at the last 200 years, our society has been mainly focusing on establishing its material security, so much so, that other values such as freedom & innovation have been put aside. Suffice to look at the philosophical perspective towards work in general. “We need to work to make money and be materially secure.” We’ve been so focused on that, that we’ve reached a breaking point where existing systems don’t work anymore, they’ve become too dull, bureaucratic, and even autocratic.
This conjunction starts a new larger 200-year cycle in air signs, where the collective focus will be on communication, innovation, and intellect. It will disrupt the stagnation brought by the Earth era.

There’s a 3rd larger cycle that’s being started here, and that’s why you have been hearing more and more of the “age of Aquarius”. The last time Jupiter & Saturn met in this sign was on January 7th, 1405. That was 615 years ago! One month later, the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine, was born.
48 years later, Byzance fell to the Ottomans. Constantine was the last emperor in the 1,123-year existence of the Eastern Roman Empire. See the pattern here?
This conjunction will bring the stagnant status quo down, to build new systems, more humane ones, more connected ones, more modern ones, more innovative ones. Localism will be a big theme economically & socially.

Maybe we’ll finally see the famous motto: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” being applied.

A word of caution, though: by equality, we shouldn’t understand and fall into the trap of the sheep pattern (lower manifestation of the Aquarius archetype). We’re all equal in the eyes of the Law, and of God. We should never fall for following trends and self-proclaimed leaders blindly. We should all embrace our individuality.


A few additional remarks:

  • 0° 29’ of Aquarius: this is a critical/important degree, a breath of fresh air, we’re only at the beginning of a whole new era. The pure Aquarian energy is at its infancy.
  • An entirely new territory to explore on the collective level. In #numerology, 0 is linked to #Pluto representing transformation. Aquarius, the water-bearer, represents humanity. The structure of our entire society will be transformed. It won’t be easy. The old and outdated systems will crumble down and be replaced by new more advanced ones. Big technological advancements will come about. An outburst of innovative ideas 💡.
  • Jupiter will square exactly #Uranus in Taurus ♉️ on January 18, 2021. A square is a 90° angle 📐, which means that there’s tension between both planets, and actions must be taken in order to reconcile them. At a collective level, this might manifest as way too many expansive ideas (Jupiter) that will be communicated/applied chaotically. We must combine the practicality and patience of Taurus with the high intellect and innovation of Aquarius ♒️.
  • Saturn 🪐 will be squaring Uranus almost all year. Struggle/conflict between the old traditional views/structures and those people who want to build the new. Massive protests, revolutions, clashes between citizens and governments.
  •  Uranus is the dispositor (technically) of the conjunction, as it is the modern ruler of Aquarius ♒️. A dispositing planet is the planet ruling the sign that another planet is currently transiting. Taurus governs our values, our money, our economy, our currencies and financial markets. This sign is being revolutionised and modernised by Uranus, the planet of sudden change and progress. There will be huge progress in cryptocurrency.
  • Finally, this great conjunction opens the way towards freedom through finding our sense of self-worth, accepting our originality and individuality, leading us to new foundations and structures in our lives.


Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall

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