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astrologyCollective HoroscopeNumerology & AstroNew Moon in Pisces: “Or do you still wait for me, dream giver?” – Weekly horoscope (March 8th-14th)

March 8, 20210

The Piscean dreamy energy is getting intensified this week with 4 planets in Pisces: the Sun, Venus, Neptune, and the Moon (by the end of the week).


  • Throughout the entire week, the Sun will be in conjunction (0° angle and a potent aspect) with Neptune in Pisces. This influence is positive for any creative/artistic endeavours, more empathy and compassion in relationships, spiritual practices, rest, travelling overseas. On the more negative side (everything in astrology has 2 sides), one should be careful with over-indulging in escapism through toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol, falling into illusions and putting rose-coloured glasses, especially when it comes to emotional reactions and attachments to situations and people, gullibility will be at its rise during this period. One should also be wary of infections and poisonings.


This is a particularly beneficial week for Scorpio and Cancer water signs (sun, moon, and rising, or any other important placements/angles in a birth chart in these signs). It will bring inspiration, creativity, dreams into action, and pleasant emotions into their personal lives. 

Pisces, Sagittariuses, Virgos, and Geminis should remain cautious about their decisions, health, and interactions with others (don’t fall into the rose-coloured glasses trap). 


  • On March 9th, Venus in Pisces (her 2nd best position as it is exalted in this sign) will be squaring the North Node in Gemini. Again, this is a hard/tense aspect (90° angle) between these 2 planets, signifying 2 energies in conflict. It translates into misleading information, naiveté, confusion, especially in communication and relationships. Avoid over-reacting to any confusing information you might receive on this day; research it. On a more mundane/world-scale level, confusing information regarding the financial world, the economy, and diplomatic relations (Venus) in general could come out; don’t believe everything the media is telling you.


  • On March 13th, the new Moon will be happening at 23° 04′ of Pisces at 11:21 AM (CET). A New Moon always marks a new beginning. In this case, the new beginning will be taking place in all areas ruled by Pisces: dreams, spirituality, creativity/imagination, overseas trips, empathy, compassion, healing (especially emotional and mental)…

Before we get into the interpretation of this astrological event, I must share with you another piece of good news: on the day of the new moon, Mercury will be finally coming out of its shadow zone! Any blurriness and confusion around mental processes/perceptions, communications, contracts, negotiations will finally be over! You have the green light to proceed in these areas!

Coming back to our new moon: numerologically, despite it taking place in the emotional and dreamy sign of Pisces, it has a mental component to it as the number 5 is linked to the planet Mercury. Talk about the perfect synchronicity with Mercury coming out of shadow! This is the opportunity to process and heal our emotions and bring the conclusions forth to our rational mind to make the right decisions in our lives.

On this new moon, we’ll be having a stellium (4 planets) in Pisces, all pointing to its ruler: Neptune. So, yes, things might feel foggy; that’s how Neptune operates. A new moon is the right time to plant seeds for any new beginnings in the above-mentioned areas ruled by Pisces. Just don’t act on them until the Moon moves out of Pisces and enters Aries on March 14th.

This New Moon will also be sextiling (harmonious aspect) Pluto in Capricorn. This is a gorgeous aspect for concretising any new ideas/dreams/creative projects and turning them into a business/career. With Pluto, they will hold the promise of big money-making potential.

Our identities, our ego expression through action, will get a stabilisation boost with Saturn in Aquarius (discipline for innovative ideas) and Mars in Gemini (energising our mental processes) making a mini Grand Trine to Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries (our identity).


The New Moon will be most strongly felt by Pisces, Sagittariuses, Virgos, and Geminis.

Aquariuses, Aries, Libras, and Geminis will benefit in their business and trade endeavours from Mercury and Mars. 

Tauruses, Leos, and Scorpios should remain careful with their contracts, paperwork, and communications in general.

Pisces, Cancers, and to some extent, Tauruses and Capricorns continue to benefit from Venus in Pisces in their material matters (finance, business, property) and relationships (love, friendship, family). 


Use this week to put your dreams into action!

Your astrologer – Theodora NightFall

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