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LIVE consultations are suspended until further notice, as Theodora’s schedule is currently overloaded.
You can STILL order a mini-reading to get answers to specific questions HERE!
All consultations are conducted on Skype and can be recorded at your convenience.
The recording will be sent to you on Skype after the end of the session.

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It was a great experience to work with her. Beautiful energy and very beneficial information to help me navigate the upcoming year. Strongly recommended!



Year Ahead Horoscope

The session has certainly made me aware of the planetary angles I need to be aware of in order to bring more equilibrium into my life. It was also eye opening to hear about other aspects in my chart that I had less knowledge of, such as the destinies intrinsic to my nodal points and the rare Yod aspect in my chart. I have a much better understanding now about the tense aspects in my life, because they corresponded with the tense aspects in my chart. I look forward to our next session.



Natal Chart Analysis + Horoscope

"I have requested the 3 months option and received some more information as well. I have never been blown away in my life, some details that have been mentioned about events in the past were insanely accurate!! It’s worth mentioning that it’s my first time as well going into astrology in specific and it was such a beneficial session for me to expect what’s coming and understand as well what has been happening. Sessions with Theodora are never boxed in what you pay for, she’ll always have a small giveaway somewhere for you that will answer this one specific question you have been asking in your mind for some time. Mind blowing! It’s worth every penny!!"



3 months ahead Horoscope

Terms of service

Please read the following disclaimers before booking.

  • I don’t take questions or details about your situation before a consultation.
  • I aim to provide you with the most unbiased and transparent guidance possible.
  • If you have any questions, you may ask them at the end of the consultation.
  • For the moment, all consultations are carried out in Skype video calls: NightFall Astrology.
  • The Skype invitation will be emailed to you once your order has been confirmed.
  • No refunds. You can always reschedule if you do not show up to the reading, we can reschedule, but it can be done at a later time due to pre-bookings.
  • I will always reschedule as fast as possible.
  • You are accountable for your own decisions, and NightFall Astrology is not held responsible for your actions. Theodora NightFall is neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist nor a financial adviser. All content and consultations are for entertainment purposes only.
  • Bank and Western Union transfers are accepted.
  • Knowing your birth time is essential for maximum accuracy! If you don’t know it, please contact me at
  • You are charged at the time of booking.
  • Your reservation is subject to approval. Nightfall Astrology reserves the right to refuse your booking. If this happens, you will be refunded immediately.

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